Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount - Swimming Mask Snorkeling Set for Kids & Adults with 180° View - Comfortable & Clear Anti Fog Design Includes Easy Breathe Drain Valve - Longer Breathing Tube

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Manufacturer Description

Are You Ready To Experience the Most Comfortable Full Face Snorkel Mask on Amazon?!
Imagine yourself submerged in clear water, viewing the ocean floor and experiencing its beauty.
Within the breathtaking experience, you forget you're wearing your snorkeling mask & only feel like the light current...
Long gone are the days of uncomfortable snorkel masks , but we don't stop there.
When you put on your new Water Tight Sealed snorkeling gear you'll notice our Premium Snorkel Mask Frame helps you breathe naturally & with ease!

Enjoy A Dry Top Inner Tube, Shatter Resistance, and a Crystal Clear 180° View
Because the window our full mask snorkel is Crystal Clear AND has a 180° full view, you'll See Everything Flawlessly.
With a view this great, the Lake, the Ocean, and the World is Your Oyster.
...But, have you ever used a Non Dry Top snorkel where water drips inside? Lucky for you, things are different!
Equipped with a Custom Dry Top inner tube, you can dive underwater and your full snorkeling mask will Stay Dry!

Invest in a Quality, Anti-Fog Design and Universal GoPro Mount!
We know you want a clear view without a fogged up snorkeling mask while you dive!
Our Dual Chamber Technology not only keeps your window Transparent... BUT also keeps you breathing Easy & Natural.
Now you can record the experience with your GoPro while enjoying every moment!

What Makes Our Full Face Snorkel Mask for Adults & Kids the Best?!
  • Anti-Fog Technology
  • Dry Top & Drain Valve
  • Shatter Resistant Window
  • Universal GoPro Mount
  • Premium Padding for Comfort
  • And More!
Money Back Guarantee!
If you find that your swimming mask is too High Quality, simply return it & You'll Get All Your Money Back - no questions asked!
So, if You're Ready to Have Fun, See All, and Record the Experience with your premium full face snorkel mask ...Click Add to Cart Now!

Product Features

ULTRA COMFORTABLE & PREMIER QUALITY - Here at Ventana, we believe every snorkeling experience should be a great one. That's why we made this full face snorkel mask with Universal Natural Fit and Comfortable Padding just for You! Forget scratchy snorkeling gear ...you've found the Most Comfortable full face snorkeling mask on Amazon. With a tested Water Tight Seal you'll enjoy your diving trip comfortably & without worry. You Deserve Superior Padding and a Natural Fit... Just Click Add to Cart! DRY TOP & SPACIOUS VIEWING RANGE - Many full face snorkel masks have a limited field of view, but we know a clear & spacious underwater experience is the whole point of snorkeling ...That's why Your New Ventana snorkeling mask offers a full 180° view... AND because the inner tube is a Dry Top , you can Stay Submerged while you're swimming! You now have a Waterproof 180 snorkel mask with a Crystal Clear View. Watch your underwater world come to life as you dive with the best swimming mask ! SHATTER RESISTANT WINDOW & UNIVERSAL GOPRO MOUNT - Ventana masks and snorkels are built with Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate. And with a Universal GoPro Mount you can document your unique diving journey! As if that wasn't enough, your Durable full face snorkeling mask frame and built in Drain Valve will survive the most ambitious snorkel adventures, Guaranteed! In fact, Ventana full face snorkel masks are so Sturdy, you're investment is certain to Last! ANTI FOG VIEW & NATURAL BREATHING - Have your snorkels or goggles ever fogged up during your dive? Not Anymore! With our Dual Chamber Premium Design, your mask window will stay Crystal Clear while you Breathe Naturally during your dive... We want you to focus on having Fun and Exploring, and when you invest in your new snorkeling gear , that's EXACTLY what you'll get. Spend your Precious Time swimming instead of worrying about air... You've earned it, now Invest in the Best! SUPERIOR QUALITY OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - Years of research & development are finally paying off for you... Are you Ready?! If you're excited to enjoy the Strongest, Most Comfortable, Natural Feeling & GoPro Mount Equipped full face mask for snorkeling , BUY NOW Risk Free... Backed by our Deep Dive Guarantee! But HURRY! This special Low Price is only available for a Limited Time, so take advantage of this incredible deal & Click Add to Cart NOW!

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