WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask-Advanced Safety Breathing System Allows You to Breathe More Fresh Air While Snorkeling,180 Panoramic Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Foldable Snorkel Mask for Adult and Kids

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Manufacturer Description

Make sure there is no sand on the mask or tube,if there has sand,using water to clear the breathing tube or mask,once the mask is clean then it ready for use.

Checking the seal:

Pull the straps of the mask over your head and check the fit of the mask on your face,breath normally to check for any leaks,if you feel slight pressure change when you breath,then you have a good seal,if not,please kindly adjust the mask wire size.


Once in the water,swim on the surface and breathe calmly through your mouth or nose,if you feel light headed remove the mask immediately,keeping your chin slightly up will create the best breathing experience,if you feel any obstruction to your breathing,it may be due to the snorkel being covered in water temporarily,the dry top snorkel design will prevent water from entering through the top of the snorkel,if water leaks into your mask,simply lift your head out of the water and it will drain out of the chin valve,no need emove your mask to clear it of water.

Proper use:

Full face snorkel masks are designed for leisure surface snorkeling. Serious freediving is not recommended. Strenuous swimming while wearing any type of snorkel, including full face designs, is not recommended. Be sure to take regular breaks while snorkeling. Also follow the buddy rule: never snorkel alone.

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Product Features

NEWEST VERSION SAFETY BREATHING SYSTEN: We focus on the safety of snorkeling. Unlike other single-channel or dual-channel snorkeling masks, WSTOO's full face snorkel mask has three completely separate air channels, which can effectively prevent the re-inhalation of exhaled CO2, thus ensuring that you inhale fresh air every time. When you snorkel, you won't feel dizzy or even suffocated by inhaling a mixture of air and CO2, hence maximizing safety. UPGRADE ANTI-FOG ANTI-LEAK DESIGN: Enlarged dual exhaust channels will double the ventilation rate, preventing exhaled gases entering the viewing visor and causing fogging. We choose food-grade silicone, which is safe, non-toxic, and has good elasticity. We adjust the edge of the silicone skirt according to Westerners' facial characteristics, effectively preventing leakage. We adopt a deeper silicone lining that won't put too much pressure on your nose bridge, ensuring your wearing comfort. 180 PANORAMIC VIEW: Our snorkel mask adopts transparent flat lenses that do not distort your view underwater, eliminating any dizziness or discomfort. The 180 panoramic view gives you a clearer view of the ocean world. Additional removable motion camera brackets allow you to easily capture your adventures and share them with your friends and family. It is extremely suitable for beginners, adults, and children. Even for inexperienced swimmers, this snorkel mask full face will make a great fit. ENHANCED FUNCTIONS:Newest version snorkel mask full face adds two quick release buttons, which make it easier to wear. Highly elastic djustable shoulder strap and mask can perfectly fit your face. The breathing tube has a silicone band to prevent loss of the snorkel It is simple to install, easy to fold and store, while also occupying less space. PROPER USE:The full face snorkeling mask is specially designed for leisure snorkeling. It is only suitable for surface snorkeling and is not meant to replace any professional snorkel set and diving equipment. When snorkeling, you must rest regularly and follow the rules of partners: never snorkel alone. Before you go snorkeling, try it in the swimming pool to make sure it is completely sealed and fits your face.

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